Big Farmer Rewards!

HORRAY! Now is your chance to get your hands on the exclusive GOLDEN strawberries!

Those that hold 20+ NFTs can connect their wallet and claim their GOLDEN Strawberry!

Each GOLDEN Strawberry has both a GOLD berry and body, however, the other parts are 100% random!
Connect your wallet
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WTF a Surprise!

We struck GOLD! These strawberries are RARE indeed! They've got some really amazing properties! Yipee!

And there are 6 additional GOLD Strawberry BODIES! WTF!?

The 24 Karat, Summer Dress, Swole, Lightweight, Jumpsuit, and Hanky!

But wait, A SCANNER TOO! This is some awesome future space tech to wear over my eye!

AND a SPARKLE BACKGROUND TOO! Which will you end up with!?

Thanks to all the BIG FARMERS that participated in the FIRST event!
More events coming soon!